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tv   Headline News  RT  August 5, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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a turkish court slops court crew plotters would have to prison sentences as crowds of change blows with police saying the trial is nothing more than a witch hunt. iran's new president says he wants to build bridges with the words but is the prevailing view troll the u.k. snubs he's inauguration as america pushes for tougher sanctions. and american and eat you activists call for a villain called the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi over a new gay propaganda law and russia would decide to leave there just like.
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he saw russia under on the wall this is also here with me your national thanks for joining us. clashes have erupted in turkey during the. reasoning of a very for almost three hundred people accused of plotting to overthrow the government high ranking on the offices academics and journalists are among those in the dock they've been awaiting their routing for five years now the court has already convicted at least fifty people while acquitting only twenty one of the defendants and media have criticized the trial calling it a witch hunt and. has details now from a stumble. nice to see so what was six have already come in. what we've heard the verdict from main suspects in the case for example the retired former chief of staff has received a life in prison as well as you can say that the majority of the top four of the
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former top military brass which are on trial in the case all of them have received either life sentences or sentences up to hundreds of years also the head of the workers' party is also looking at one hundred seventeen years in prison as well just to give you a comparison one of the people who was on trial was you know in a mafia lord who has received ten years in prison where is a known journalist who happens to be an opposition activist as well has received twenty nine years in prison already people in turkey are calling this historic trial but they're saying that this it's important says that it does look like at this point all talk of democratic ideals in the country can be buried pretty much with these sentences and of course because of its importance around four thousand people have taken their time to go to the court which is outside of the main city of istanbul they've got there by buses and they were dispersed at this point it looks like they were disbursed at least twice with water cannons and tear gas as
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well as we've have. some information that rubber bullets were flying as well. as have employed an unprecedented security measures they haven't. armory and thousands of police in the place when we tried to get there it was impossible for us to pass because right only the sentencing of the verdict the authorities have said that only journalists with turkish media passes will be allowed in there by essentially ruling out the presence of any foreign media on the territory that is that is near the prison where the sentence is taking place so a lot of people who are happy of the sentencing continues that hostage three hours later than it was intended to start and we are also hearing that the airspace over the courts and where they hear the hearing is under way at the moment has also been closed off and people are asking what exactly are turkish authorities seem to be fearful of so as to close the airspace above
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a rather significant area. why do some labor which. well it is a largely because if you look if you look at the people who are on trial these are mostly people who are known for their staunch opposition to the prime minister and the ruling party they are the ones who are saying that the along with the people already are strained turkey off the path that was forced by ataturk almost a century ago and they're instead of going towards a democratic ideals and kind of going along the western way they're taking the country in the complete opposite direction swaying it towards islam islam is the country is not becoming a secular and to see any more you have to understand this is also happening against a backdrop of protests which have happened started in turkey about two months ago and they're essentially still continuing there is almost a weekly set of clashes between the protesters and the police the protesters are saying that again. along with these policies basically defeating democracy in the
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country and they do not want to see that happening and yet there is a very brutal dispersal of them taking place on an almost weekly basis and water cannons tear gas rubber bullets all of that is happening and this trial a lot of people are saying is that the proverbial straw that may just break the camel's back and bring turkey towards the brink if not a civil war the entire team of protests which the country could find itself develop envelop in. thank you very much. thank you. freeman's journalist. things the government is over reaction. chances of a military. into the military. like in the ninety s. which is called up more than coup de tat yes there was this. is
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a free market economy for example you could have shut down the whole conferee in one thousand nine hundred eighty but you can't do it now i don't believe. today there's a direct threat to for. when this case starts or there was another case which ended the sledgehammer. nope. it was a very different countering back then like i said the military was the deciding influence. in turkish politics they were directly in walt. the surveillance scandal deepens in germany. as the country's intelligence is feeding massive amounts of data to the n.s.a. live on this is about a little later in the. biting sanctions on iran should be buried in the post does the message from the country's new president hassan rouhani was elected on the platform promising dialogue with
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the west and to end the country's isolation over its nuclear energy program but it transpires not everyone that is enthusiastic about they were consumation dr. reports. iran's new president hassan rouhani is widely seen as a moderate politician particularly significant detail where western leaders are concerned after years of strain diplomatic tensions in what is seen as an attempt by you to ease of that isolation the government had sent out invitations to e.u. countries including britain would tend to be a swearing in ceremony. albeit excluding the u.s. and now the position was that. diplomats would attend it but the u.k. had not sent anyone at all the reasoning given by the british foreign office does not have an embassy in tehran but this has been criticized by members of the opposition party here particularly the shadow foreign minister douglas alexander
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had called this judgment as well as a missed opportunity adding about diplomacy involves meeting with people we disagree with a lot of the steps up the word that tehran appears to be taking it moving this invitation to european leaders as well as appointing a foreign minister with relations with washington some more reading to run really wanting to rebuild those relations with the u.s. and europe well we spoke with labor m.p. barry for more on this the u.k. foreign minister william hague. we will respond in good faith to positive action by iran and improve relations on a step by step basis without remark shouldn't this invitation to attend the president's inauguration iran have been accepted i think it would have been a very good opportunity to say look son rouhani starts with almost a clean sheet as far as we're concerned we want to take him as we find him and it
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would have been a good opportunity therefore to go to have informal discussions are around the inauguration. and to do some sounding out to the how he was going to behave in office so i think it's an opportunity missed i hope that there are back channel conversations going on that are beginning to try and work out a new relationship with what is after all a new president at the end of the day in this very careful dance between tehran to add a western leaders every action and an action will certainly play a part in that equation on where relations are really headed reporting from london i'm tests are sylvia. the number one priority for rwanda now is to loosen the grip sanctions have on the country and let's go see what effect they've had so far they call me a has dealt a severe blow with swathes of punitive measures from the us and e.u. targeting iran's oil exports trade and banking sector in two thousand to twelve
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alone iran is sold to have lost at least fifty eight billion dollars in oil revenues and these financial burdens have seen the price of essential such as read milk and meat skyrocket the country's medical institutions are also. wringing their long saying the measures prevent millions of people from accessing vital drugs as their reported that last year is six million iranians suffering from multiple sclerosis him a failure and counsellor could not get proper medicine local journalist axon came vonnie says it's optimistic to expect too much change from the new leadership immediately. we have seen a very high rates of inflation something like forty percent based on official figures according to the consumer price index or to c.p.i. the figure is far more than doubts and one of the economic advisers of president was. to rein in should not blame rouhani if the prices are.
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over and november. then we have the unemployment rate of twenty eight point three percent which is another problem the administration he's great see you know that's your was national car and see how it's. over fifty percent since last year so altogether i should say that the expectations are very high from president rouhani but you could not revive the economy as fast as many your ring is expected. although the white house says it will become a willing partner should iran tristen gauge on the nuclear issue quite the opposite signals are coming to america no makers just days before the ranis they don't hear ation they've passed a bill which would say iran's oil exports slashed by another one million barrels per day say from the national iranian american council says america is not interested in cooperation. it would vote for new sanctions before the new iranian
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president who has been saying positive things and who is going to himself face so many obstacles for the house of representatives to go forward with this vote demonstrates that this is a chamber dominated by politics instead of pragmatism and is dominated by ideology instead of. an actual desire to resolve the problems that. lay before the united states now the reason that they went forward with this vote was because of immense political pressure from pro sanctions groups and neo conservative and hawkish organizations that are more interested in seeing a war with iran than seeing a diplomatic resolution to the nuclear standoff iran has a well documented rocky relationship with the west but also doesn't see eye to eye with some influential states and its own region tensions with saudi arabia came into focus on turn incident involving the plane of the sudanese president which was
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heading for ten rounds i was banned from entering the gulf kingdoms as space independent research and white has said that explains how saudi arabia might be benefiting from the conflicts in the region. historically saudi arabia has been iran's rival more importantly than that and it's aside from the fact the saudi arabia serves the united states and israel and cares that their orders in the region and it saudi riff should there ever be peace with iran. coming from the west it would really threaten saudi arabia feels very secure for as long as they can be of service to the united states saudi arabia benefits from war and conflict in the region so there's no reason for them to change unless of smart enough to know that down the line is that to be there to that they're not going to be accepted no matter how hard they work for israel and america no matter how stiff
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and how they carry out their orders and work with them they will not be one of them and eventually. their turn will come to. it injured hundreds triggering panic i'm not a scientist say the us oh it's a blaze its way into russia's urals maybe thought of an orbiting family that could be flying towards us and on that after this break. i would rather i asked questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my go larry king now right
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here on our key question more. wealthy british style. time to. go. around the. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports. this is all he coming to live from moscow welcome back german intelligence sharing large swathes of swathes of telecommunications data with the u.s. according to the latest revelations published and magazine documents provided by
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whistleblower edward snowden showed that the degree of surveillance hope ration between washington is higher than officials would like to admit and let's not turn to the only one who is in berlin for more on that so peter nice to see as always so what exactly does a dish to go say tell us more. well what the these internal communications that have been leaked by edward snowden show is a rather cozy relationship between the national security agency and the german foreign intelligence agency the b. n. d. now a lot of these documents in the latest article in the. deal with a monitoring station that was based in the very end of that closed in two thousand and four it was operated by by the united states some of those memos talking in glowing terms of about them the start nostalgia they had for the bavarian
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countryside after two thousand and four it was taken over by by german operations by the b. and d. now what we've seen that's come out from these documents of just how much data was being collected and then passed on to their american allies american partners in this system it's quite outstanding really in december of last year alone there were five hundred million pieces of metal data collected from this from this monitoring station there now what this is is prompted is is the german justice minister to give an interview to a national newspaper on monday and which she said that the b n d must put all of the facts on the table just how closely they were working alongside the n.s.a. saying that if the b n d had made itself available as a tool for the n.s.a. that something must be done and she didn't say exactly what must be done but it does seem quite evident from these these cables that have come out these internal
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memos in the fact of just how much data was being collated and. distributed between the two agencies that there certainly was a very close relationship you couple out with one of these leaked documents from a couple of weeks ago where which referred to the head of the b n d as both showing an eagerness and desire to help the n.s.a. and it certainly seems that the two agencies were working incredibly closely in deede all of that of course prompting questions from the german people about just what were they listening in to what were they looking at and what people would be doing online and what the reaction to the news being. well there's been shock here in germany about just how much they've actually been looked into and we've we've seen germany come out is probably the the country in europe that was most spied on by the by the n.s.a. prism program and also the fact that it seems that not only would did germany know
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that the united states were looking so closely into its citizens it seems from these cables and in memos to keep coming out that then well they were helping the the n.s.a. in their in their spying that was going on now in response to this we've seen demonstrations on the streets of berlin as well as many other cities around. the country people saying well just they need it coming up people coming out in support of edward snowden in support of bradley manning basically saying that the this must stop and if germany was involved if it turns out to be empty were involved in spying on its own people that they they must be brought to book for that now we have seen something of an attempt at face saving from the german government so we have an election coming up here in the end of september and of course this is all absolute golden information to the opposition leaders if you hear them campaigning they're saying well do you really want to trust those guys not they help the
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americans it seems look into your into your private details on things we have seen from the official side is the terminations of spying accord with both the united states and the united kingdom that this was a very old bit of legislation that dated back to the cold war it looked if when both the united kingdom and united states had a lot of soldiers based here in germany so that the nations could keep an eye on what you soldiers were doing but in terms of the german people well there is shock and and outrage at times of just how much they were spied on and how much they country seems to have helped by a. time. line from peter thank you very much as always thank you. thank you russian balls down the drain there the latest protest move against seen in the west as the russians cry down on gay rights activists in the u.s. and europe have been outraged at a new law against propaganda of homosexuals to mine is and they offered shortened
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by the media to the russian anti gay law have also been calls to boycott the sochi winter olympics to which moscow has said the law won't target guests or participants but supporters of the law say holds the views of the majority of russians they cite the latest survey by an independent research organization levant a center almost a horde of those who took part in the vote thing that homosexuality is a bad habit or perversion while some even believe it could be a result of a mental trauma or an illness and only twelve percent believe that homosexuality is just a normal sexual orientation while some people remain undecided the figures of the same survey conducted in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight are almost identical to just in the new law has and led to the increase of anti gay sentiment here in russia and he said no way investigates. ok.
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there is. no stoli no sochi. dumping russian vodka and calls to boycott the olympic games the l g b t community in the west is furious with the passing of a new russian law banning gay propaganda to minors a detail almost never mentioned lot of here putin signed a law and some very strict anti-gay measures these laws absolutely obscure they're not clear in what they mean of course it will not have a wide ranging gretzky's of being applied everywhere and to everyone and members of the gay community have been attacked and arrested you cannot say that there is massive suppression or messi of attacks against gay people in the streets and that wherever you say that you're gay you will be killed or beaten russian gay activists are taking their case to the european court of human rights and say the law is meant to target specific individuals but see the picture of gay life in russia from
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abroad is warped these pictures being shown and being portrayed just because this little became a symbol of a protest against the suppression of l.g.b. community in russia supporters of the law argue it represents the russian majority . if there is a large number of people who believe the lawyers to soften thirty years ago there was criminal punishment for being poor if you take examples from some states in the u.s. the relationship is much improved and stricter and this propaganda law was this one . it's important to remember this law is about gay propaganda to minors and it will be enforced with fines not criminal punishment russia is still a very traditional conservative country it wants to hold on to that. this is one of moscow's many day and night clubs yes it's in a discreet location but it holds three thousand people is. packed on the weekends
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and is full of foreigners its owners asked us not to film on the inside to protect the privacy of its clients but reassure us business is booming there's a happy driving excitable you know wonderful gay community which is happy great martin andrews is british openly gay and living in russia for eight years he opposes the law but won't be dumping his russia is dominated by the church in general far more than the u.k. i think if you compare america for example you can't look at some friends of the sons of these and new york and then look at the middle part of texas and that's what russia is especially moscow you've got the old meets the new and you've got soviet mindset fused with this couple this with excise a western lifestyle homosexuality is illegal in over seventy countries across the globe so martin asked why russia why do the western media why do people in the west
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never mention cuts off the world cup is coming up going crazy about saatchi and this is the olympics i was in such you last week filming there's a gay community there there's a great day scene the but the west has a big in its bonnet regarding russia but it's a great. state repression got to go and he's now a r t moscow. the mayhem sponsored by a massive asteroid that smashed into russia's year olds could well happen again remember this. i think. this case well huge and potentially devastating as it was happening towards unnoticed now scientists say it may no have been flying solo as first thought it was part of a group of asteroids that still pose a threat to as his legions of france explain. it may be hard to believe that an
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eleven thousand ton eighteen meter across meteor made its way to earth undetected but that's exactly what happened which is why scientists are leaving no stone unturned even in space now to figure out how the chelyabinsk media right made it to earth scientists ran billions of orbital simulations and came up with the apollo asteroid family that may sound a bit intimidating because it is it's a two hundred metre wide cluster of rocks that according to scientists broke up around forty thousand years ago now it's still at large it's our it's orbiting around the sun that's a find out if it is actually the parent cluster of the chelyabinsk meteorite scientists would need to then to send a tool to the asteroid and take a core sample that's not going to happen any time soon the cost is extreme although if this cluster of meteorites any one of those fragments show itself to be on a collision course with earth you can bet that action of some sort will be taken
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until then this cluster of asteroids is still under observation to make sure that something like chelyabinsk does not happen any time soon making money from something that's free our pool bottle life after the break. wow revolutions in the middle east sure get a great deal of coverage what you don't mix a lot of sense revolutions or exciting t.v. peaceful protests or nice but footage of molotov cocktails flying and crazed crowds of local middle easterners really grab attention so there's a logical natural reason why some protest movements get a lot of coverage in the mainstream media well others kind of adult please forgive me for being conspiratorial but there is one revolution going down which does have all the exciting visuals of the arab spring but just doesn't get any of the
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mainstream coverage in fact unarmed people in this country recently stormed the parliament trapping ministers and lawmakers with that they held them down for eight hours demanding the government resign until police with shields smash their way through creating a narrow corridor through which the officials could escape now that sounds like exciting and visual news but why did you hear about it all over the mainstream press that's because it didn't happen in libya or egypt or any other exotic country but in good old boag area right in the e.u. where u.s. and e.u. interests are best served by the status quo being maintained there is no need to hype up an intervention or kinetic action in bulgaria the only time you ever hear about the need for a crackdown in bulgaria is when a government there actually started working in bulgaria own interests and not the us use desires but that's just my opinion.
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relation of. totals one hundred eighty million and it's still growing in the forum there are ten million people clean drinking water is in short supply. before nestle introduced pure allies bottled water was a rare sight in pakistan. now nestle dominates a vast market that it created itself i grew up in a city where you could go just like anyone else for you also water and you would get a glass of water for free without any fear of its quality or its standards and what's happened over the last ten to fifteen years i mean in my own consciousness is that i have seen and witnessed a replacement of drinking water a commodification of drinking water. i would say that it's nestle that's done it it's been a confluence of factors nestle appeared on the scene it started providing your life .